Pandora Internet Radio Now Available for BMW Models

Blake Z. Rong
by Blake Z. Rong
BMW Pandora – Now Playing (04/2011)

All 2011 and 2012 BMW models will be able to stream Pandora Internet radio through the car’s controls, which is good news for potential owners with an iPhone and the app itself.

The BMW Apps option will allow owners to pick their own Pandora stations, create new ones, skip songs and like others, all through BMW’s iDrive interface. The iPhones plug into a USB port or through a unique adapter in a BMW’s center console, which allows the iDrive center controller and steering wheel buttons to control music functions.

“We’re excited that BMW is making Pandora available to customers across its full range of vehicles and that drivers will be able to tune into their personalized radio stations from the road,” said Jessica Steel, a vice president for Pandora.

With current BMWs featuring AM/FM radio, CD changers, XM satellite radio, iPod integration, Bluetooth, USB support, and the soothing voice of mademoiselle Satellite Navigation, it’s refreshing to see BMW give its owners some long-needed variety. The BMW Apps option is $250 on all new models, and its hands-free integration capabilities will allow BMW owners no excuses for being unable to grasp the finer points of turn signal operations.

Blake Z. Rong
Blake Z. Rong

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