Rare 'Pink Panther' Car Up for Auction

Huw Evans
by Huw Evans
rare pink panther car up for auction

Some of us might remember the beginning and end of the Pink Panther Show where our favorite animated feline exits and enters into a dramatic, low slung custom car. That machine, appropriately named the Panthermobile, was originally built by Hollywood custom car legend Jay Ohrberg in 1969 for the show, which aired on NBC in the US from then until 1976.

Now, some 35 years after the show ended, the car scheduled to make an appearance at the Chelsea Auto Legends Show, which takes place next month in London, UK. At the same time, it’ll also be offered for auction online, via Robson Kay.

The Panthermobile is in unrestored, original condition and need of some work (it currently doesn’t run); nevertheless when it was first offered up for auction in 2007 via COYS, a bidder paid £88,000 ($55,000) for the thing.

How much it’ll fetch this time around is anyone’s guess but it’ll be interesting to see the bidding response this one-of-a-kind creation generates. The auction runs from September 4th (Auto Legends opening day) to October 14th.

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