Nissan Leaf's Sell Out In Canada In Just Two Hours

Harry Lay
by Harry Lay

Last weekend, Nissan Canada officially began the reservation process for the all-new electric Leaf. Within two hours, all Leaf inventory was reserved.

On August 27th, Canadians attended one of 27 Nissan Leaf certified dealers and were invited to reserve the electric vehicle for a refundable $99 deposit. Judy Wheeler, Nissan Canada’s director of marketing, said, “Response from Canadians since we first revealed the Nissan Leaf in 2009 has been astounding, so we’re not surprised that our first inventory of 40 model year ’11 cars were snapped up so quickly”.

Nissan says that Leaf deliveries will begin sometime in September for Canadians that reserved the vehicle. Nissan will also be selling 600 units of the 2012 model year Leaf sometime soon.

Harry Lay
Harry Lay

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  • Angela Angela on Sep 01, 2011

    Great news, when is it coming to Perth, Australia?

  • John John on Sep 05, 2011

    Somebody here needs a remedial english class. There is no apostrophe in Leafs. With an s, its plural. With an apostrophe it becomes a possesive noun. Forty reservations doesnt equate to being sold out. What it does mean is that forty people are VERY interested and willing to reserve the right of first refusal. Is the car being built to their specs, or are they going to have to settle for what gets driven off the truck? I'll bet that a substantial number of these reservation holders will never follow through with the purchase. I dont doubt that the cars will sell out, but thats not the case yet.