Dodge Challenger SRT8 ACR In All Its Glory: 2011 SEMA Show

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu

Mopar Underground has unleashed their Dodge Challenger SRT8 ACR on the Las Vegas Convention Center show floor and it’s every bit as awesome as we expected. The Challenger SRT8 392 has been influenced by the Viper SRT10 ACR’s styling while the 392 under the hood packs even more punch with Mopar’s custom headers and cat-back exhaust.

On the outside, the white body has been contrasted with subtle red accents, a charcoal roof and plenty of carbon fiber on the hood, deck lid, rear spoiler and tail light surround. 20-inch black wheels were fitted to each corner that sits nicely on the rear fenders thanks to a set of coilovers.

The interior is clearly race-inspired, sporting carbon fiber door panels, red roll bars and carbon fiber racing seats that have been covered in Katzkin leather. We still hope that Dodge or Mopar will announce some sort of availability on this model but we’re sure avid enthusiasts will be able to build it on their own through Mopar’s extensive parts catalog.

GALLERY: Dodge Challenger SRT8 ACR

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  • Dan Dan on Nov 05, 2011

    They announce the ACR Challenger and that's it. This company really expects owners to continue to trade in and buy under performing expensive cars. The car will be slower than the ZL1 Camaro and cost more it's just sad, I own a 392 Challenger and it will probably be the the last Dodge I own. They locked the 2011-2012 PCM and then nothing new on the performance end, they can keep the ugly paint schemes and high prices i'm done.

  • Middy Middy on Nov 10, 2011

    I like this Idea, but you can see it is going to be a more expensive and exclusive vehicle than the SRT8 Challenger. When what it should be is a cheaper lighter faster version for the enthusiast who still needs a sevricable no frills performance car. There should be a rear seat at least an easily remvable one. I was hoping for more of a 383 radio delete Road Runner and 1 gen Neon ACR groove. My idea for a proper ACR would be no radio no GPS no My gig no AC (optional for southerners I guess) no sound deadener no undercoating no excess trim, underhood blankets, trunk liners, firewall insulation no scoops/wings/spoilers/spliters unless they reduce weight, cost or both. no power windows no power seats no roll bar no unnecessary computers or harnesses no climate control no foglights no engine shroud/dressups of any kind no baffles intake noise plumbing tweaked 5.7 close ratio manual trans some good choices for Ring and pinion good tunable shocks strong lightweight wheels upgraded exhaust The strength of the original ACR was reduced weight and cost without destroying servicablity for the enthusiast who couldn't have a separte track car. This Challenger is a cost upon cost impractical 2 seater which will still be heaver than a day two viper or off brand sports car. Having said all that please keep trying I will buy one if you get it right! It's a great idea bungled by too much corporate upselling and lack of connection to the guy on the ground.