Honda Micro Commuter Car Concept Revealed: 2011 Tokyo Motor Show

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

One of Honda‘s numerous reveals today at the Tokyo Motor Show is a wild little concept car referred to as the “Micro Commuter Concept.” An EV designed for personal transportation it is a half-foot shorter in length than a Smart fortwo, but offers room for three thanks to a central diving position with a passenger bench area located behind.

The interior space can also be used to fit the Honda Motor Compo, an almost briefcase-sized box with wheels and handlebars that essentially works as an electric bicycle. It’s more than just that, however, also functioning as an electric power source.

Other features of the Micro Commuter Concept include a large heads-up display, with driver information projected onto the lower section of the windshield. As for operation, Honda has designed what it calls “twin lever steering” that is says uses natural arm movements to control direction. The body of the car covers over the wheels, both for safety and aerodynamics, while colorful panels can easily be swapped with others to help personalize the car.

GALLERY: Honda Micro Commuter Car Concept

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