BMW M550d, X5 M50d and X6 M50d Revealed With Tri-Turbo Diesel Power

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu

After months of rumors and speculation, BMW has made its new 3.0L six-cylinder, inline diesel engine official, packing what they’re calling M Performance TwinPower Turbo technology, which is a misnomer since it sports three turbochargers. The system works by using two smaller turbos to deliver more responsive power down low in the rpm range, with a large turbo to add top-end thrust.

The new diesel powerplant will put out 381-hp and 546 lb-ft of torque, exactly the same specs that have been rumored for months now. It also features BMW EfficientDynamics technology, including Auto Start-Stop function and ECO PRO mode.

The M Performance diesel models announced are the M550d xDrive sedan, M550d xDrive Touring, X5 M50d and X6 M50d. And as we stated in the title, none of these models will be making their way to America. All models will come with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Performance figures for the M Performance diesel models are impressive across the board, with the M550d xDrive Sedan reporting a 0-62 mph time of just 4.7-seconds while the Touring model comes in at 4.9-seconds. The X5 M50d will hit 62-mph in just 5.4-seconds while the X6 M50d is a tad quicker at 5.3-seconds. What is even more impressive is that the M550d will average around 44-mpg while the X5 M50d will do 37.7-mpg and the X6 M50d will do 36.7-mpg.

And of course, with all these vehicles now sporting an M Performance badge on them, owners will get M-specific tuning of suspension, bodyshell mounting, engine and transmission mounting, springs and dampers, all standard and optional chassis control systems, and the Servotronic mapping for the hydraulic steering.

No pricing was announced for these European-only M Performance diesel models, but AutoGuide will be sure to check them out in person when they make their official debt at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.


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  • Goodone Goodone on Jan 26, 2012

    Why three turbos? 546lbs of torque WHAT!? Those are pretty quick 0-60 times. Good mileage too. The problem with Diesels is they feel so dead up top.

  • Thomas Thomas on Feb 11, 2012

    I drive the 335D since 4 years and now 140 000 km on german highways and the M550D could eventually be my next car. Triturbo because 2 small for up to 3000 rpm und a big one additionally starting at 3000 rpm. Mileage of my 335D (has the same 3.0 diesel but only biturbo) 6.5 l/100km at 100km/h, 11,8 l/100km by 250km/h (in the night at unlimited and free highway).