BMW Smartphone App Previews Future I Electric Cars

Danny Choy
by Danny Choy

Marking a new era for BMW, the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid sports car and BMW i3 electric city car were first unveiled as concepts last year. Set for release in 2013, BMW will also launch a new complementing smartphone app that promises new levels of technological sophistication.

Previewed at the BMW i Facebook fan page, screenshots of the app display levels of smartphone-car integration that seem far more advanced than anything that currently exists. While the charging status and range information on your BMW i vehicle is displayed in ways similar to many current apps, the new app will introduce the additional ability to program routes into the car and schedule when the routes will be driven. Its full route planner will even allow time for walking and public transportation to be accounted for in the journey. A user could calculate more accurately how long a journey should take and how soon one should have left the house in order to arrive to the destination on time.

The app will also allow the scheduling of charging times so that the BMW i vehicle could take advantage of less expensive electricity rates during off-peak times. While the app is not yet available, it is expected to reach your smartphone before the BMW i cars are released.

GALLERY: BMW Electric Car Smartphone App

Danny Choy
Danny Choy

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