MINI Diesel Rumored for US Launch, JCW May Become Sub-Brand


MINI has been experiencing tremendous success in America and it appears that the cute British brand has no plans to slow down. There are now reports that MINI is strongly considering bringing its diesel powerplants to the U.S. and could be turning John Cooper Works into a sub-brand tuning division, similar to BMW‘s M models.

MINI global brand manager Kay Segler recently told Car and Driver that they’re listening to America’s demand for MINI diesel models and that they are “looking into this not for the short term, but for the medium term.” Which basically means America could be seeing a diesel MINI in the next few years, possibly when the third generation model arrives.

In the same interview, Segler also spoke on how he would like John Cooper Works (JCW) to become for MINI what the M brand has become for BMW. That could lead to interesting models from JCW, which would include more potent powerplants and we never complain about more performance.

The major downside of the interview? Selger confirmed that AWD still isn’t on the radar for MINIs (Countryman aside), stating that it’s currently too expensive to implement without a large sales volume increase. Either way, we’re just glad that MINI isn’t sitting around enjoying their American success but rather looking for ways to build on it.

[Source: Car & Driver]


Henry Kalir says:

Please bring in the Mini Diesel to the USA!! If VW can offer Diesel options on their Jetta and Passat models, so can BMW! 

Phillip G says:

not just a diesel model but a JCW diesel model to boot

relentlesslycaring says:

Don’t know how much time I have left on this planet, but every car company always says next year!