CODA and Great Wall to Develop Affordable Electric Vehicle

CODA and Great Wall to Develop Affordable Electric Vehicle

CODA Automotive made headlines last month when it began selling its electric sedan in California with a starting MSRP of $35,200. Based on the Chinese market Hafei Saibao, the EV has garnered the public’s attention with its 125 mile range.

But its price tag has been a bit of a shock, considering the Nissan Leaf has the same MSRP with a possible $7,500 in federal tax savings. Comparing apples to apples however, the CODA model has a significant improvement in range on a single charge since the Leaf’s official figure is 73 miles according to the EPA.

CODA seems well aware of the situation, teaming up with China-based Great Wall Motors Company to co-develop an affordable electric vehicle for worldwide development and distribution. The companies plan on creating an EV with a price tag comparable to entry-level vehicles equipped with a standard gasoline engines.

Great Wall Motors is currently China’s fastest growing and most profitable automotive producer. By pairing its manufacturing with CODA’s battery technology and knowledge of the US market, the two hope to strike a great success in its future EV. The vehicle will be co-developed by employees of both companies at research facilities in Los Angeles, California and Baoding, China. Sub-assembly of the vehicles will take place in Great Wall’s facilities while final assembly of US destined vehicles will take place in CODA’s facility in America.

“This marks the launch of our partnership with Great Wall Motors that will enable us to bring EVs to global markets in a very efficient and cost effective manner,” said Phil Murtaugh, CEO of CODA Holdings. “We’re excited to work with Great Wall Motors to develop the second product in CODA’s portfolio, to bring another solution to a global problem and together make high-quality clean technology accessible.  Ultimately, this will enable drivers worldwide to go electric affordably and support our mission of putting an EV in everyone’s garage.”