BMW M Performance Edition M5, M3 Revealed in Matte Red, White and Blue

BMW M Performance Edition M5, M3 Revealed in Matte Red, White and Blue

What’s more M than M? Why, an M Performance Edition of a BMW M car of course. Confused? You should be.

After BMW’s M performance division announced M packages for non M cars last week, they’ve now taken the customization process a step further offering ultra-custom versions of the super sporty M3 and M5.

After a video teaser surfaced yesterday, BMW has now released photos of the M3 and M5 M Performance Editions. Available in three “Frozen” (matte) paint jobs, just 30 of each car will be built where the cars are first debuting in the UK.

In addition, each vehicle gets accessories like matte-black wheels and piano-black interior trim, plus special badging on the interior.

According to BMW, the car’s will cost a serious premium over even the standard M cars with the M3 priced at £74,080 (roughly $119,482), £19,000 more than the standard car), while the M5 M Performance Edition rings in at £95,140 ($153,449) a shocking £22,000 increase).

BMW has not said if it will offer the M Performance Edition M3 and M5 in North America.

GALLERY: BMW M5 M Performance Edition


GALLERY: BMW M3 M Performance Edition


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