Jaguar US Performance Driving Program Expanded

Jaguar US Performance Driving Program Expanded

Back in 2009, Jaguar North America launched its first Performance R Driving Academy as  a complimentary course designed to help owners of XFR and XKR models to explore the limits of their cars in a controlled environment.

Key features of the program included acceleration and launch exercises, cornering and braking exercises, stability control off driving, as well as autocross, slalom and track sessions.

Now, the company is “enhancing” the program by offering an additional course that supplements the base program. It’s a pay-it-yourself advanced package that caters to owners of XFR, XKR and XJ Super Sports models and includes sessions on threshold braking, high speed cornering, as well as high-speed oval driving, skidpad driving, low-speed handling and on-track lapping sessions.

Jaguar will offers the Performance Driving program in four select U.S. locations this year: Lakeville, Con., Las Vegas, Miami and Fort Worth, Texas. For further details, click here.

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