Scion FR-S Convertible Coming in the Future: Sources Say

There might not be a turbocharged version of the Scion FR-S coming from the factory, but it looks like an FR-S convertible will make production.

The idea of an FR-S convertible makes sense given the market Toyota is aiming at: young, enthusiastic drivers that want a fun car on a budget. While the coupe is sure to have more merit on the track than a soft top, that doesn’t change the fact that some people buying one won’t actually want to race the car.

Given that, it makes sens that some people would prefer a more casual drop-top version, something the company is aware of. Building a convertible also benefits the company because it will broaden appeal and offer the chance for a markup.

Word that an FR-S convertible is coming trickled through a source connected to Car and Driver, but there wasn’t talk of a Subaru BRZ matching it. That could also mean this is another way Toyota is hoping to differentiate its nearly identical car in the future.

While the cars are built on the same platform, Subaru is spinning its BRZ as a slightly more upmarket version. There’s also the fact that Subaru isn’t much for cabrios in the first place which further enforces the idea that it’s unlikely to follow suit.

It isn’t likely that we’ll actually see a production version of the FR-S convertible for some time, however, because both automakers have yet to actually bring the respective cars to market. High demand is already straining production lines, and there are many bridges for both companies to cross before the thought of an modifications to the model line could even be entertained. While it might be possible to see something in a year’s time, it doesn’t seem likely that an FR-S convertible will happen until late 2013 or early 2014.

[Source: Car and Driver]

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