Lexus LFA Mystery Teaser Released

Nick Dasko
by Nick Dasko

Lexus has insisted that the LFA will not get any final special editions but according to this video from the luxury brand, the LFA will be “unleashed” on August 1st.

What the automaker means by that is any person’s guess. The production run is capped at 500 vehicles including 50 Nürburgring editions, and these cars have all been sold. There is no website or voiceover, simply the hastag “UnleashTheLFA”.

It could have something to do with a specially outfitted LFA that was seen testing on the Nurburgring a couple of weeks ago, but we will have to wait until August, 1st to know for sure.

Nick Dasko
Nick Dasko

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  • Futures Passed Futures Passed on Aug 01, 2012

    Looks like it might just be some kind of marketing thing, like a "you can unleash a bit of the LFA yourself, because this technology is in every car we build" sort of thing.