Toyota RAV4 Rumored to Lose V6, Maybe Third Row

Nick Dasko
by Nick Dasko

The Toyota RAV4 is due for a redesign next year to be based on the Camry platform and when that happens, the manufacturer might ditch the V6.
With the recent redesign of its main competitor,the Honda CR-V, Toyota has extra motivation to make the RAV-4 a hit. Motortrend speculates that the new model will no longer have an available V6, and will be offered with inline four-cylinders as the only engines. This is a strategy that Honda has always followed with the CR-V.

It is yet undetermined if third-row seating will remain in the redesign despite being a long-standing option. One of the key criticisms that might serve to dissuade Toyota is that a third row introduces unnecessary redundancy in the brand’s line. It is, however, something that sets it apart from the new Ford Escape and the aforementioned CR-V.

A hybrid may also be in the works, a direction the industry seems to be leaning as a whole.

[Source: Motortrend]

Nick Dasko
Nick Dasko

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