Toyota Announces two Wild Concepts for SEMA


Toyota will bring two concepts to the SEMA Show next week that feel more at home on a two-track than the black top.

One is a rolling tackle box and angler’s dream, the other a steroid-dosed version of the path-happy FJ Cruiser.

To build its fisherman’s friend, Toyota turned to pro angler Britt Myers for advice and the “Ultimate Fishing Tundra” was born. Hidden in the covered truck bed, the concept has a storage system “that looks like the Bass Pro Shop aisle,” Myers said including “tackle, reels, rods and even a refrigerator.”

As the picture shows, that storage system comes out of the truck’s bed for easy access, and runs on a motorized system.

The interior is loaded with screens that can display Navionics lake-mapping options. Toyota also tossed out the rear bench seat for two buckets and a center console the runs from the dash to rear cabin wall.

As the photo shows, the truck got a lot taller thanks to a 12-inch lift kit. It also gets 20-inch Mud Grappler tires and improved brakes. The truck’s 5.7-liter V8 also gets new grunt from a TRD supercharger and new exhaust system.

If fishing isn’t your favorite pastime, but off-roading is still interesting, the FJ-S concept might be more your speed.

It’s ready to attack trails with extensive upgrades including an underbody exoskeleton to protect the car and offer chassis stiffening sufficient for serious suspension, tire and wheel upgrades.

Much the same as the Tundra above, this truck comes with a TRD supercharger that’s good in this case for a 30 percent power boost to 345 hp and 340 lb-ft of torque.

GALLERY: Ultimate Fishing Tundra concept


GALLERY:Toyota FJ-S concept