2014 Acura MDX Prototype Video, First Look: 2013 Detroit Auto Show


It might not be a dramatic departure from the current Acura MDX, but there is plenty new about this prototype.

Unveiled at this week’s Detroit Auto Show it gains a new engine, rides on a new platform and Acura touts it will get best in class fuel economy due in part to the appearance of a 2WD model for the first time. Find out more about the prototype and what’s in store for the production model in our first look video below.

GALLERY: 2014 Acura MDX Prototype


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Skeethree says:

new MDX looks exactly like my Toyota Venza.

Blkgtp says:

umm yea thats it….

Anhdunggiau says:

look not luxury like LEXUS or BMW ,MECEDES or CADILLAC. Sorry Acura Design Engineer need to IMPROVE more about the OUTLOOK because people dont want pay HIGH PRICE TAG for Ugly Design.(This is a Luxury Brand)……Hmhmhm…

Dori70 says:

Have the fabulously fine and dandy 2013 MDX Tech model. We do like the looks of the 2014, but don’t care about losing 1 1/2″ in height! When I trade in 3-4 years time, I hope I can get the Advance model with 19″ wheels to restore some height. Very go vehicle, as was my Ridgeline and Crosstour.

paul says:

Comments posted here are so funny..New MDX just awesome one word it has wonderful engine and its very comfortable/luxurious …led lights are a great add on to previous model