Chevrolet Cruze Diesel Praised for Biodiesel Capability


The National Biodiesel Board is commending Chevrolet for offering the its new diesel-powered Cruze compact sedan with an engine capable of burning B20 blended biodiesel fuel.

“We applaud General Motors for its foresight in approving the new diesel Chevy Cruze for use with B20 biodiesel blends,” said Steve Howell , technical director for the National Biodiesel Board.  “Many people do not realize that today’s new technology diesel engines powered by ultra-low sulfur biodiesel blends provide tailpipe emissions as clean or cleaner than natural gas or gasoline, while providing superior fuel economy, horsepower, and durability.”

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But burning biodiesel blends is nothing new to those who already drive the differently-fueled cars. For example, Chevrolet is targeting the Volkswagen Jetta TDI most directly. Many Jetta TDI drivers likely know, though, that their cars are also capable of burning the B20 blend.

In fact, Chevrolet is rolling its diesel Cruze out initially in 13 markets where its B20-capable Silverado pickup truck  are already proven. A release across the country is expected roughly two months after the initial launch.

Official fuel economy numbers are still unavailable, but Chevrolet is estimating that the car will get 42 mpg on the highway – the same as its Cruze Eco model. The Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel will have a longer range to help set it apart as well as more torque: 258 lb-ft or up to 280 lb-ft temporarily with an overboost function.

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