Chevrolet Spark a Hit With the Younger Crowd


Early data from Chevrolet Spark buyers reveal that the compact has been appealing to a younger demographic, with 29 percent of its buyers under the age of 35.

In addition, more than half of Spark buyers are coming from non-General Motors brands, and price has been the biggest influence to attract those buyers. Nearly 54 percent of Spark purchases are conquest sales, buyers who are new to the brand. According to the American automaker, more than one out of five buyers are coming from an import brand.

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The smallest Chevy is also a hit with the female demographic, with 51 percent of Spark buyers being women. Fuel economy and price have been the main reasons the Spark was chosen by buyers, while the car’s bright paint colors have also proven popular with Salsa Red being its most popular color with 23 percent of the Sparks on the road sporting that shade.

Chevrolet dealerships have sold more than 12,000 Sparks since it went on sale in the summer of last year. The Spark initially launched in 18 markets, but will be available in all 50 states by the end of this year.

GALLERY: Chevrolet Spark Infographics


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