Volkswagen XL1 is World’s Most Fuel Efficient Car at 261-MPG


Looking like nothing else currently in production, Volkswagen has today revealed what will easily be the most bizarre model to hit the road. It will also be the most fuel efficient, with a claimed 261 mpg rating!

The third stage in VW’s goal of building a 1-liter car, the XL1 (as its known) is the fruition of a plan to design a production car for everyday use that can travel 100 km on just 1 liter of fuel. With the two-seater XL1, Volkswagen says, “this vision has become reality.”

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Set to make its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show next month, the XL1 is powered by a 47 hp two-cylinder turbo diesel-engine mated to a 27 hp (20 kW) electric motor and a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. The unique powertrain enables the car to travel up to 50 km (31 miles) on pure electric power, with acceleration to 62 mph rated at 12.7 seconds.

Weighing just 1,753 lbs, the unique vehicle offers space for a driver and passenger who sit slightly offset, similar to a conventional vehicle. Both driver and passenger will, however, sit tremendously low to the ground with the car’s roof just 45 inches off the ground.

Volkswagen will debut the XL1 at the Geneva Motor Show on March 5th, along side the new Golf GTD.




Professor Frink says:

Pretty sure I can put a sail on a car and reach 60 mph faster than that thing. And a bajillion MPG.

AgentOO7 says:

Pretty sure you can’t – or else you would… DOUCHE!

P.F. Bruns says:

It looks like a GM EV-1 restyled by someone who has better vision. 😉

Justin Tribble says:

Spectacular car. 

red says:

sign me up i might actually make money on my car allowance

Andrew Davis says:

Be a nice start if the US would start selling European engined models with 50+mpg instead of a TDI with less than 40mpg

Gasgas says:

So you spend $100k on the car and zero of fuel. In eight years the battery will be cream crackered and will cost $20,000 to replace.
You could also pay $15k on an ordinary car that does 40 to the gallon and then you have $85k to spend on fuel. You can get a lot of fuel for $85k even if daddy doesn’t own a couple of oil wells. You won’t have to pay for a new battery and long before the fuel money has run out, the car will be 20 years old and you can get a new one out of the change from the $85k.