Smart Partners With Danish Design Company on Furniture, Custom Car

Craig Cole
by Craig Cole

Daimler’s smart brand has partnered with BoConcept, a Danish interior design company to produce special furniture and accessories. A jazzed up fortwo cabrio is also a result of their cooperation.

Why have these two disparate companies decided to get together on a project like this? Well, the idea is to combine the best of their product worlds, namely the comfort and warmth of a person’s own home with the vitality and speed of city life… their words, not ours. Maybe BoConcept’s staff can design a better transmission than the inexcusably abusive one fitted in the smart car.

The car in question here is a Brabus cabrio model with the 75 kW turbo engine. In non-metric figures that’s about 102 horsepower. Daimler’s press release describes the vehicle as “fresh and elegant” with an interior that’s “dominated by natural materials,” some of which include leather and felt.

The smart’s removable body panels have been painted matte white. The contrasting color is “Oriental brown metallic,” which has also been given the matte treatment. Looking like a Microsoft Zune, the car’s soft top is also brown.

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The interior is dominated by tobacco-colored leather on the seats, door trim and steering wheel. The gear-selector button is made of oak, making this the first time real wood has been used in a smart car, and hopefully the last since no tree should have to die because of smart.

As for the BoConcept furnishings, the so-called “smartville” collection reflects similar color schemes to the car. Supposedly the functionality of the smart was a driving force behind the designs. One of the main pieces in the collection is a modular sofa that spans 2.69 meters, exactly the same length as a smart fortwo. There’s also an armchair and a coffee table.

When it comes to accessories there’s tableware, special cushions and a small clock borrowed from the smart’s interior. Now owners can feel depressed at anytime of the day, not just when they’re driving. BoConcept’s smartville collection will be available at the company’s stores around the world starting on March 5th.

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