Subaru Legacy, Outback Recalled for Brake Issues

Subaru Legacy, Outback Recalled for Brake Issues

Subaru is recalling model year 2005 through 2009 Legacy and Outback vehicles over concerns of brake fluid leakage.

The recall only affects vehicles that are registered in states that salt their roads. The problem arises from salt water that can splash on brake lines through a gap in the fuel tank protector. Over time the lines can begin to leak, which can cause the vehicle to lose brake pressure and greatly increase the stopping distance of the vehicle.

A Subaru spokeswoman said that up to 200,000 units are affected by the recall.

Subaru will inspect the affected vehicles, and either rust proof the area if there is no leakage, or replace the brake lines if there is a leak. For more info, owners can call Subaru at (800) 782-2783.

UPDATE: A Subaru spokesman said in a phone interview that the number of affected units could change in the coming days because official numbers are still being tallied.

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