Range Rover Diesel Hybrid Might Reach US Soon

Land Rover will launch a diesel hybrid version of its Range Rover in Europe shortly after the truck debuts during the Frankfurt Motor Show. It might not be so long until it reaches the U.S. either.

New emissions regulations will come into play in September, 2014 and with them the historic gap between North American and European emissions regulations will essentially be leveled. When that happens, it will be easier for automakers including Jaguar Land Rover to bring diesel products to North America, should demand justify it.

While diesel cars still make up a sliver of the U.S. car market, demand for the torque-happy, fuel efficient engines is climbing. Now, Edmunds reports that the brand will introduce the diesel hybrid Range Rover and Range Rover Sport to U.S. buyers “in the next couple of years.”

Jaguar Land Rover PR executive Stuart Schorr declined to comment on future product speculation, but wrote “Land Rover will launch a diesel hybrid in the coming year, without any market specifics or debut timing details” in an email.

Andy Goss, president and CEO of Jaguar Land Rover North America said in February that “it would make perfect sense to have that vehicle in the U.S.,” referring to the diesel hybrid Range Rover SUVs. Goss didn’t reveal any timeline for when to expect the vehicles in North America.

[Source: Edmunds]

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