2014 Datsun Go Video, First Look

Craig Cole
by Craig Cole

Vehicles like the GT-R and 370Z are powerful products designed for car enthusiasts. They’re favorites here at the Nissan 360 event in Southern California, where journalists from around the world are being given the chance experience all things Nissan, including the opportunity to drive up to 130 different cars.

But not everyone can afford something so nice. Simple transportation is critically important, especially in emerging markets. And it doesn’t get much more basic than the new 2014 Datsun Go.

India is rapidly becoming known for more than just spicy food and poor sanitation, the latter of which is probably caused by the former; it’s rapidly becoming ground zero for ultra affordable cars… like the Go, which was revealed in New Dehli not long ago as was the revived Datsun brand.

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The car stickers for a measly 400,000 rupees, about $6,300. This five-door hatchback is powered by a tiny 1.2-liter engine that’s matched to a five-speed manual transmission. Output figures, cylinder count and even fuel type have not been shared at this time. The car rolls on laughably small 13-inch wheels; shopping carts have bigger rims!

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Of course the car’s interior is just as basic with a VERY utilitarian cockpit, though there is a place to dock your mobile phone. What do you expect for six grand, hand-stitched leather? That ain’t going to happen… cows are sacred in India.

It’s easy to make fun of the new Datsun Go, but the reality is this car is big news for customers living in emerging markets, folks who are probably walking everywhere or commuting on motorized scooters. It may not set an enthusiast’s heart ablaze but the Go is kind of a big deal.

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Craig Cole
Craig Cole

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