Accident at Tesla Plant Sends Three Workers to Hospital

Luke Vandezande
by Luke Vandezande

An accident today at Tesla’s California manufacturing facility sent three of its workers to hospital.

Update: There was no fire at the Tesla plant today. An earlier version of this story incorrectly asserted that a fire cause the workers to be burned.

Tesla found itself at the center of yet another controversy after three of its Model S sedans caught fire in separate incidents after striking objects while in motion. CEO Elon Musk told Bloomberg that there is “definitely not going to be a recall” despite the fact that he doesn’t have a say in the matter. Regarding today’s injured workers, Tesla issued the following statement, quashing speculation that this event could somehow be connected to the burning Model S sedans.

“There was a failure in a low pressure aluminum casting press. Three employees were injured by hot metal from that press. We are making sure that they receive the best possible care.

Nonetheless, the company’s stock (TSLA) dipped a few dollars today, possibly spurred by what happened today. On September 30, shares peaked near $195 and are currently sitting at $138.75.

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The first of those three fires affecting Model S sedans occurred on October 1 after one of the cars struck a piece of metal. Last week, a seemingly similar problem popped up after an owner said he ran over a trailer hitch at 70 mph. Another fire involving a Model S was reported after one of the cars crashed on October 18 in Mexico.

During an interview with Bloomberg yesterday, Musk dismissed the notion that there would be a recall, saying the recent Tesla is in “constant contact” with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Recently, the Model S scored top marks in NHTSA crash tests. At the time, Musk claimed the car was marked above the maximum five-star rating. NHTSA responded quickly saying such a score doesn’t exist, but it still underscores that the Model S seems to be especially well designed to handle a crash.

After the third fire, NHTSA announced that it is launching an investigation into the issue. It will make a decision on upgrading that probe to an engineering analysis that could eventually lead to a recall.

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