Delta Wing Road Car Revealed with Seats for Four

Delta Wing Technologies is taking its knowledge learned on the race track and applying it to a road-going car in hopes that an OEM will want to license its design. 

The Delta Wing road car keeps the same overall shape as the Delta Wing race car to make sure it is still highly aerodynamic and fuel efficient, though this version will seat four passengers. Although only a rendering (seen above) exists right now, the road car would be made with lightweight steel, aluminum and advanced composite materials to keep weight down.

It maintains a narrow-track front wheelbase and rear-mounted engine which results in significantly less weight on the front axle, reducing rolling resistance.

This car is intended to help manufacturers lower the overall fuel economy of their fleet to ensure they meet the 2025 CAFE standards that require a 54.5 mpg average. Delta Wing technologies says that whether the car uses a high-efficiency gas or diesel engine, fuel economy benefits will come from the vehicle’s design and construction. Compressed natural gas or electricity could also be used for propulsion.

When using a small displacement four-cylinder engine with between 85 and 110 hp, the car should be able to sprint to 60 mph in about six seconds and hit a top speed of 130 mph, all while achieving 70 mpg.

Delta Wing Technologies is also offering their services to OEMs above and beyond just providing the vehicle architecture. The company will work with any OEM to make sure the car is designed to incorporate specific brand styling and content requirements. To help shorten the time it takes to reach production, Delta Wing will also spearhead the validation and certification process.

“The Delta Wing deserves the higher volume than an OEM can provide to truly have a beneficial impact on the future and the environment,” said Al Speyer, Delta Wing Technologies President and COO.

GALLERY: Delta Wing Race Car