Lincoln RWD Crossover in the Works

Lincoln RWD Crossover in the Works

Ford is working on a new rear-wheel drive model, but it won’t be a traditional sedan as many believed. 

According to a recent report from The Truth About Cars, the long-awaited rear-wheel drive Lincoln model will be a crossover that will likely share its platform with the next-generation Explorer. The American automaker is looking to expand its presence in the ever-growing crossover segment but more importantly wants to capture more of the police vehicle market.

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The Ford Explorer Police Interceptor sales are up 52 percent year-to-date while the Taurus Interceptor sales are down seven percent, providing evidence that crossovers are gaining in popularity while the Taurus might not be long for the world. The appeal of a crossover with SUV utility and rear-wheel drive dynamics will offer a competitive alternative to the Chevrolet Tahoe while being more fuel efficient.

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[Source: TTAC]

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