Self-Driving Audi RS7 Detailed

Audi is no stranger to building self-driving performance cars, but it’s latest product makes the TT that ran Pikes Peak look like a joke.

“To demonstrate its capabilities, the Audi RS 7 piloted driving concept car will drive a clean racing line at the Hockenheimring – with full throttle on the straights, full braking before the corners, precise turn-in and perfectly metered acceleration when exiting the corners,” Audi said.

As the German automaker previously announced, it will take an autonomous RS7 concept around Hockenheim at the DTM finale and now the company has revealed details on that concept. According to Audi, the RS7 concept is essentially a stock vehicle fitted with automated controls in place of driver input for the electromechanical power steering, brakes, throttle valve and eight-speed transmission. To aid the RS7 concept in safely navigating its surroundings, the performance sedan will receive signals from ground-based stations to help correct location data and locate the RS7’s position down to a centimeter.

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In addition, Audi has outfitted the concept with 3D cameras that help monitor the surroundings in real time, capturing images that are compared against a database of graphical information while tracking reference points such as buildings behind the track. The company anticipates to achieve a lap time of two minutes and 10 seconds and will achieve lateral acceleration loads of up to 1.1g and hit a top speed of around 149 MPH.

GALLERY: Audi Autonomous RS7 Concept


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