Mercedes-Benz Shows Off Next-Generation Cars And Tech At CES 2024

At CES this year, Mercedes-Benz has shown off a host of updates for its next-generation vehicles and its MBUX infotainment systems. These changes include the use of an AI-powered MBUX Virtual Assistant, a new MB.OS architecture with 3D graphics, and two new collaborations. The first is with for in-car audio and sound effects, and the second is with Amazon and Audible, bringing podcasts and audiobooks into Mercedes models.

A new virtual assistant for MBUX was also shown at CES, with the brand calling it its most “human-like” interface yet. The system uses generative AI and four different “emotions” to augment the experience, which is also supplemented with “game engine graphics” and a showcase for Mercedes-branded NFTs. There’s very little substantive information on features this early on, but the brand does say that the system will bring more personalization and that the graphics will be used to further enhance the brand’s excellent Surround Navigation.

Mercedes’ partnership with, which is part of an ongoing relationship between the two, has resulted in the creation of MBUX Sound Drive. Again, there’s very little real information about what exactly the software does, but the brand’s press materials suggest it will alter and produce music based on the driver’s inputs - steering, braking, accelerating, and the like. Speaking of in-car audio, the brand’s partnership with Audible and Amazon Music will enhance audiobooks, podcasts, and music with a “concert-hall sound experience.”

Mercedes-Benz still does cars, and to showcase its new infotainment technology, the Concept CLA-Class is present at CES this year. The new concept rides on the brand’s modular architecture, bringing with it a claimed “more than 466 miles” of range, new electric motors, 300+ kW fast charging, and of course, the brand’s latest infotainment systems and tech. Mercedes says four vehicles will be based on this modular architecture, including a four-door

coupe, a wagon (though this may not come to the States), and two SUVs.

Finally, the 2024 EQS and S-Class are now available with Drive Pilot, Mercedes’ SAE Level 3 automated driving software. The brand has also said the software can be ordered retroactively via the Mercedes me store, and while the software is only legal and usable in California and Nevada, deliveries will start early this year.

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Chase Bierenkoven
Chase Bierenkoven

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