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For most of us, packing up the car for a camping or long road trip means packing the cooler last. Why last? Because from the moment you take stuff out of the fridge, or freezer, it is a race against time to have it still be cold and usable by the time you need it. Even the best coolers have limits on how long they can retain ice. But what if you could take your fridge with you? BLUETTI has you covered with the SwapSolar, a complete portable power and refrigeration system comprised of the AC180T portable power station, and the BLUETTI MultiCooler. Both can be used separately, but when paired make for the ultimate road trip solution to many issues.

BLUETTI’s SwapSolar is launching on February 21, 2024 at 6am PST.

A Cooler MultiCooler

You will be able to tell right off the bat that this is no ordinary cooler. There is a main cooler area with a total capacity of 42 quarts. Two removable baskets help you organize your food. The temperature is controlled digitally, and you can monitor and make changes from your smartphone by way of an app. It has a temperature range of -4°F to 68°F and rapid cooling, going from 86°F to 32°F in just 15 minutes, so if you have it with you and buy some frozen goods, you can have the MultiCooler ready to go in short order. Let’s say you’re on the road during the hottest time of year and some ice cream would hit the spot for the whole family as a nice treat for after dinner around the campfire. Get the MultiCooler going before you run into the store, and by the time you get done shopping, the MultiCooler is ready and cold enough to keep your ice cream frozen.

But wait! You were going to buy some ice, but you forgot it. What are you going to do? Don’t worry about it. The MultiCooler has a feature that will come in handy more than you’d think - a built-in ice maker. BLUETTI is on to something with cutting-edge technology and the ice maker is a feature you’ll come to love. It needs a water source and can make 9.5 quarts of ice. While other people are out buying ice to keep their cooler cold, your cooler is cold enough to keep everything cold, and it makes ice for drinks and other uses for you.

The MultiCooler is extremely portable, too. It weighs approximately 18.3 lbs unloaded and is designed with side grooves to make it easier to lift it and maneuver it around. If you don’t want to carry it, you can use the wheels and drawbar. Don’t worry about damaging it either. It has 45-degree tilt protection for added peace of mind over rough terrain. There is an optional slider to help with stability in your car, too. The MultiCooler is quiet at 30dB in refrigeration mode and 45dB in ice-making mode, which means you won’t need to crank up the radio or yell at the kids in the backseat to be heard by them. Well, if they are teenagers, you might still have to yell a little.

BLUETTI, We Need More Power!

Captain Kirk jokes aside, there is an easy way to have all the electric power you need in a single, portable package. The BLUETTI AC180T is a rechargeable power supply that can keep your camp running smoothly. It is compact at just 15.4 × 11.0 × 15.6in (Length, width, height) and lightweight, coming in at 58.4 lbs. But don’t let the smaller size fool you. The AC180T packs some serious electrical muscle. It has a total power output of 1,800 watts with both B70 batteries installed. Yes, you can swap out the B70 batteries, even when they are hot. It uses the safest LiFePO₄ batteries on the market that can take 3,000+ charging cycles, meaning you will have use of the AC180T power supply for a long time. And to make it even better, you can buy extra B70 batteries to have available. There are four 120V/15A AC outlets as well as USB and USB-C plug-ins. This means it is perfect for road trips when you need to keep electronic devices charged up.

You’ll get a Charge out Of This

Charging the AC180T is easy with several options at your disposal. You can plug it into an AC outlet in your home or use the car charger that plugs into your vehicle to charge it while you’re on the road. You can also charge it off of a lead-acid battery, like a marine battery from your boat. Additionally, you can get the optional solar panels with a 500W maximum input for a green option that works anywhere the sun is shining.

The MultiCooler uses the same charging options, too. You can plug it directly into the wall or your car while making ice. If you don't want to drain your vehicle’s battery, just one of the AC180T’s two B70 batteries will charge the MultiCooler for 3 days. If you’ve got a battery inside the MultiCooler and connect it to the optional solar panels, it will run non-stop as long as the sun shines. This is what helps make the AC180T and the MultiCooler from BLUETTI so special. You can have power and a working refrigerator that makes ice with you anywhere the road or trail takes you.

Both the MultiCooler and AC180T can be controlled by an app that BLUETTI developed. This app lets you remote control both units and helps you monitor temperature, power output, power levels, and charging rates. It helps increase the flexibility you’ll enjoy from these products.

Get In On the SwapSolar!

BLUETTI is a leader in bringing the best power options available to the market, using the most sustainable practices possible. If you want to get the best portable power and refrigeration available today, click here for a sweet deal on the AC180T and MultiCooler from BLUETTI.

BLUETTI is offering super early bird pricing on the SwapSolar. Check out the available pricing below.

This is sponsored content produced in partnership with BLUETTI.

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