U.S. to Launch Tire Fuel Economy Program

U.S. regulators are currently developing rules for tire companies on how to relay fuel economy information when it comes to its tires.

The rules are expected to be put in place by 2017 and should help consumers make informed decisions when it comes to what kind of tires to put on their cars. The fuel economy of a tire has to do with rolling resistance, and the government says that about 141 million tires are sold each year without the proper rolling resistance.

Individually, the U.S. government says that customers could be saving about $80 a year and stopping roughly 560 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions from going into the air if they would upgrade their aftermarket tires to units with less rolling resistance. This move is part of an overall shift towards increasing fuel economy, as the U.S. government has already invested $12 million into research and development on tires this year.