Porsche Mission E Concept Puts Tesla on Notice


With more than 600 hp and over 300 miles of electric range the Porsche Mission E Concept offers an even more amazing statistic.

Its speed. And no, we’re not talking about it’s 0-62 mph time of 3.5 seconds, which is impressive.

Debuting today at the VW Group Night on the eve of the Frankfurt Motor Show, Porsche has announced its new Tesla rival will come with a recharging speed unlike any other car, offering an 80 percent battery recharge in just 15 minutes, which equates to roughly 248 miles of range.

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Powered by an 800-volt drive system it makes use of two permanently excited synchronous motors, similar to those used in the 919 hybrid race car, which topped the podium at the 24 Hours of Le Mans this year. Using this 800-volt system also helps to keep the car’s weight down, thanks to lighter, smaller gauge wires.

2015 Frankfurt Motor Show Coverage

Porsche claims its new Mission E Concept lapped the Nurburgring in under 8 minutes, making it one of the fastest sedans to ever do so. To make sure that this all-electric concept can perform, its lithium-ion batteries sit low in the chassis, which is made of a mix of aluminum, steel and carbon fiber. The wheels themselves are also made of carbon fiber, measuring 21-inches in the front and 22-inches in the rear. The car sits extremely low, with a height almost identical to a 911.

Interior technology is also packed into this concept, which features eye-tracking technology, a holographic display and even a mood tracker. Tracking the driver’s eyes will allow the vehicle to know which guage you are looking at, allowing the driver to hit a menu button and access the gauge currently in focus. It also allows the vehicle to move the info cluster info slightly to allow the driver to see if from all angles. Finally, a camera mounted on the rear view mirror can recognize the driver’s moods and will change a small emoticon on the corner of the mirror to mimic it.

No word on production plans was revealed.

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  1. Yes! I applaud Porsche on taking steps towards transitioning to exciting all-electric cars.

  2. Sure it will be priced even more “ludicrous” as well. 144,000 for the Tesla. I’m sure the Porsche will be North of 175,000 U.S. I just can’t justify spending that on a depreciating asset without a 7 figure salary that starts with a 2 or larger. (Viva la 10% rule)

  3. Exciting that Tesla will have some competition, but “way out there” for common folk to afford!

  4. Just like the Tesla

  5. Ludicrous. Nice! haha

  6. The Model S still looks better

  7. Agreed!

  8. Agreed, healthy competition is good.

  9. Futuristic! I like this eye tracking tech for future safety applications.

  10. Tesla Model C! Yes, I agree the price point for the coolest electric cars is out of most people’s ranges, but isn’t that sadly almost always the case? … We gotta wait till the tech trickles down to us regular people in the form of mainstream electric cars which are arguably here already, but imo haven’t found their stride. The good news is that it’s not that hard to get good performance from electric motors, we just need more range. I predict 5 more years of waiting for fun, affordable all electric cars with decent range for the masses.

  11. Photoshop those wheels on a Tesla, and it would look as hot! But seriously, glad to see this “trending”…let’s HOPE that those of us w/ 5-figure salaries will be able to get an electric beauty by the end of this decade (Mazda / Hyundai…you hear me?)!

  12. I see hint of next generation Panemera in this.