Fiat is Making Its Cars Cheaper for 2017

Stephen Elmer
by Stephen Elmer
fiat is making its cars cheaper for 2017

Fiat is cutting prices by at least five percent for most of its 2017 lineup to try and spur growth at the small car brand.

The 2017 500 Pop model, which is the most basic 500, will now cost $14,995, a cut of more than $1,000 compared to its original price from back in 2011. For the mid-level Lounge model, the price has been cut by $2,000, while the sport-focused Abarth is now $2,580 less than the previous model.

Fiat is also adding content to its small car lineup. For example, the brand is installing features like heated leather seats, a premium BeatsAudio sound system and 6.5-inch touchscreen with navigation on the 500L Trekking, which will see its price cut by one percent this year.

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Overall, the brand is looking to simplify its offerings and will only have three trim levels available per vehicle rather than the 10 or more available on the current 500.

FCA as a whole is moving aways from small cars with the Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200 both getting the axe. Adding value is clearly Fiat’s strategy for keeping its small cars moving from dealer lots.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • Evan M. Evan M. on Sep 15, 2016

    Fiat is an interesting brand; there's a lot of potential with this brand if they price it right and add more value as noted above. As far as changes, dump the 500L or redesign it with more practicality. A 124 hard top coupe would be nice as well as a bit more power to the 500x.

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    • Evan M. Evan M. on Sep 16, 2016

      They should stick to easy to pronuce names for those with language difficulties. Even city names like Rome,Venice or Turin aren't a bad idea over the over use of 500. I think Fiat will get it right very soon.

  • Jonny_Vancouver Jonny_Vancouver on Sep 18, 2016

    Being the worst car brand on the market, they need to be correcting their issues rather than just price dropping, adding heated seats and stereos. Since the first 500 was released they've had ample time to fix the reliability issues and other problems, but they haven't done that. So the question is: Do you really want to buy from a company that just tries to dazzle you with marketing or distract you with features without actually putting in any effort at improving the quality of their product? which is so sorely needed.