Toyota Proves the Prius Can Handle Like a Sports Car

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu

The Toyota Prius is probably one of the last vehicles you think of when it comes to performance.

Teaming up with builder Gordon Ting of Beyond Marketing, Toyota has introduced the Prius G at the 2016 SEMA Show, inspired by the Japanese Prius GT300 race car. But this project wasn’t just about transforming the mundane hybrid to a car that looks fast, Ting built the Prius to hold its own on the racetrack. And to prove the point, the Toyota Prius G was taken out to Willow Springs International Raceway where it pulled 0.99 g on the skid pad, putting it in the company of performance sports cars that cost plenty more. With more fine tuning, the team is confident that the Prius will be capable of pulling a full 1 g in the next round of tests. Further supporting the Prius G’s handling capabilities, it out-handled a BMW 528i sedan in independent testing.

2016 SEMA Show Coverage

Like many project cars that show up at the annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas, the Prius G is unexpected but explores the possibilities of what the aftermarket can do to a vehicle.

“This extreme build highlights something we are baking in our production models. We know the Prius can do much more than simply serve as a highly regarded and reliable everyday hybrid car,” said Claudia A. Rodriguez, Prius Product and Marketing Manager at Toyota Motor Sales. “Racetracks have historically been home to sports, muscle and performance cars. Hybrid cars would have been laughed off the track, until the Prius G.”

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Jason Siu
Jason Siu

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  • Soakee Soakee on Nov 02, 2016

    "Prius" and "sports car" don't belong in the same article.

    • Ellenor Malik Ellenor Malik on Nov 04, 2016

      yes they fucking well do of course, you need beefier electric motors and a 1.3lT Diesel or maybe 1.3lT Otto to replace the 1.4 natural Atkinson.

  • Evguy2 Evguy2 on Nov 02, 2016

    Zero to 60 in 9.7seconds baby... That'll get your juices flowing.. sleepy juices.. yawn..

    • Max Looker Max Looker on Nov 02, 2016

      In the 1940s, that was definitely sports car territory. Lol