Toyota C-HR Stars in Wacky Street Fighter II ‘Crossover’ Video


If you grew up playing Street Fighter II, you know that it was typically the fighters beating up on the cars.

But Toyota has turned things around, with the game’s star Ryu getting behind the wheel of a C-HR as it travels around the world, making stops at every iconic fighter in the classic game. The video culminates in Ryu and the C-HR encountering Vega, showing off its version of a Hadouken. And if you’re like me and believe M. Bison is labeled incorrectly in the video as Vega, Features Editor Sami Haj-Assaad pointed out that was the name M. Bison used in Japan. Apparently, Vega didn’t sound threatening enough for North America as the game’s final boss, so a bunch of name changes were made. You really do learn something new every day.

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While the video clearly aims to appeal towards the C-HR’s target demographic, its ending sends a strong message to Keep Yourself Alive. We think something got lost in translation there.

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smartacusⓊ says:

Hi guys,
M. Bison was supposed to be the name for Balrog the Boxer.
but it sounded too similar to M. Tyson the famous boxer.

Balrog was supposed to be the name for Vega the Spaniard.

Vega was supposed to be the name for M. Bison the main boss.

smartacusⓊ says:

aw man, i used to kick so many asses playing as M. Bison in the Champion Edition.
My signature technique was immediately starting off with
the forward forward somersault kick, the tripping kick, and the spinning fireball.

that would immediately get them dizzy so i just walked up and performed a shoulder throw.

But my most successful was … Blanka.
My signature technique was immediately starting off with a fake tap of the buttons
to make kid next to me playing Ryu or Ken or Sagat flinch and throw a Shoryuken in anticipation of my spinning somersault on them.

as soon as he lands, he is landing on my Blanka in electrocution mode.
i immediately get a short jab electrocution going to defeat his blocking recovery.
then again for the dizzy.

Then i just walk up and start biting down Blanka style.