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If you’re in the market for new tires for your vehicle, whether it’s for your truck, car, sports car, SUV, minivan, there are a lot of choices when it comes to picking a brand. Lexani Performance Tires, RBP Tire, and Lionart Tires are three brands that should be on your radar, as they have some amazing tires to mount to your ride and are definitely worth checking out.

Lexani Performance Tires

The Lexani Performance Tires story begins in 2001 with a goal of making high-performance tires with craftsmanship and quality first in mind. Today Lexani is a global brand that has built its reputation on innovative designs, advanced technology, and for being driven by a desire for perfection. How Lexani is getting there is by listening to, and working with customers to produce tires that match every aspect of what a driver wants and needs from the only part of their vehicle that touches the road.

The “bread and butter” tire line for Lexani is its family of performance tires, including Volt-EC, an ultra-high performance tire built specifically for electric cars. The performance line is built for precise handling and traction to give your performance car grip in all the right places, including in wet conditions. Whether you’re cruising at highway speeds, or letting your car open up on the track, there are five models of Lexani performance tires to fit every need: LXUHP-207, LX-Twenty, LX-Thirty, LX-Six III, and LX-Nine, along with the Volt-EC tire to ensure that your torquey electric car can handle some hard driving.

Lexani then brings what they learned on the performance side over to passenger tires. The LXTR-203 is a lot of bang for the buck, with OEM quality performance at an affordable price for most passenger cars. The LXHT-206 was designed as an all-season replacement tire with premium highway performance for SUVs, vans and light trucks. Lexani’s RFX and RFX Plus bring run-flat technology to sedans, passenger vehicles and more. The RFX Plus is geared more toward the sportier side, while the RFX gives a boost to cars meant more for comfort than performance.

The Lexani Terrain Beast AT is the brand’s foray into all-terrain performance truck tires with an off-road ready model that has an open, aggressive tread pattern. These tires are designed to grip, even when the conditions try to defy that. Wide tread blocks grip on all surfaces and the generous siping within the tread blocks gives the tire outstanding performance in snow, ice and wet conditions. These truck tires will take you off road, but won’t beat you up on the pavement.

Rolling Big Power Tire

RBP Tires has a simple motto - make the best off-road performance tires for big trucks. One look at its lineup will attest to that, with sweet-looking mud and off-road tires for whatever truck you want to wrap them around. RBP Tire offers a laser-focused lineup of four tires, one of which is sure to offer the perfect traction-grabbing performance you need from the highway to far off the beaten path.

Repulsor M/T is a directional mud tire that is perfect for extreme conditions. It digs well with sandy and muddy terrain and is a tough tire designed to get you back out from whatever adventure you got yourself into.

Repulsor M/T3 is the latest mud terrain tire design with advanced compounds and a 3-ply sidewall. It boasts a staggered tread with just enough void space for self-cleaning, while still being a decent pavement performer.

Repulsor M/T RX is the tire you want when the trail ends and the real fun begins. It relies on staggered tread with thicker blocks for added traction in muddy conditions. Added siping gives it excellent traction in wet, snowy and icy driving conditions, too.

Repulsor R/T is a rugged terrain tire built for traction in the harshest conditions. It is a great choice for overlanding, trail crawling and mixed terrain. It is also the most pavement friendly model in the line.

Lionhart Tires

Lionhart Tires has built a loyal following throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East and is now gaining traction in North America. Lionhart specializes in tires that offer a great value without sacrificing performance and quality – all built to fill the needs of most any driver.

The LH-501 makes for a great OEM replacement tire, as it is an M/S rated all-season tire that offers reliability, high-mileage, and a quiet ride.

For an all-season tire with a mind for performance, consider the LH-503. This high-performance touring tire boasts impressive speed ratings and precision handling.

If all-out performance is what you are after, Lionhart has got you covered. The LH-Five is an all-season tire built to support the world’s most advanced vehicles, while the LH-Ten is another all-season offering designed to bridge the gap between high-speed performance and comfort. Finally, the LH-Eleven is a summer tire designed to offer peak performance.

For modern SUVs, light trucks, and vans, consider the Lionclaw HT. This highway terrain tire boasts exceptional tread life and a quiet ride. And for those of you that like to occasionally venture off-road, the Lionclaw ATX2 is ready for service.

Lionhart also makes LH-550 specifically for commercial vehicles that gives that long-lasting value and performance you need and demand in a tire meant for working vehicles. Wrapping things up is the LH-CTS, which is designed specifically for trailers.

Whatever type of tire you’re in the market for, these three tire brands have something that will fit the bill. Check them out and get back on the road (or off it)!

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