Not Even a $2.6M Price Tag is Slowing Down Bugatti Chiron Sales

Sebastien Bell
by Sebastien Bell
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With the first three Chirons rolling off the line late last week, Bugatti has now found buyers for half of the 500 Chirons it plans to produce.

A starting price of $2.6 million means that at least $650 million is coming Molsheim’s way.

The Chiron has been doing especially well with Europe’s hyper-rich. Of all the orders so far 37 percent have been made in the old world. In fact, the Chiron on display at Bugatti’s Geneva booth this week is going to a German customer who spent a day at the Atelier plant helping to build his Bleu Royal Chiron.

Speaking of which, Bugatti only recently added Bleu Royal to its range of exposed carbon fiber colors. It joins the seven other colors, which are black, grey, turquoise, blue, green, brown, and red.

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“The fact that we have already taken orders for half of the Chiron series even without test drives so far bears witness to the great confidence of our customers in our brand and its strong aura,” says Wolfgang Durheimer, president of Bugatti. That’s set to change, though, as customers will finally be able to test drive the Chiron at the end of March.

Bugatti debuted the Chiron almost exactly a year ago at the Geneva Motor Show. The 16 cylinder, 1,500-hp beast boasts a limited top speed of 261 mph (and a so far unknown actual top speed), as well as the ability to go from 0-250 mph and then back down to 0 in fewer than 60 seconds.

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  • Noe Japan Noe Japan on Mar 06, 2017

    Waiting / order time key. The first buyers ( those that use for a little and then sell on rapidly ) will also generate a reasonable premium. So far have not seen / heard of any proffered. Currently a Macca P1 GTR, undergoing road car conversion, with special option paint work and interior detailing is being offered for USD 4.9m .... quite a mark up on original list price (the road car conversion costs GBP 200,000 net) .... thats a mark up if it finds a buyer / collector Limited no made is the key