Spy Photographers Catch Mysterious Porsche 911 Testing

Is Porsche working on a new 911 R?

Spy photographers have caught a mysterious Porsche 911 testing near the Nurburgring, which appears to be based on the new GT3 that debuted at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. It is, however, not sporting the rear spoiler, which suggests this might be a special edition 911 GT3-based model just like the 911 R. Porsche, however, has said the 911 R was a “one-off” model, so it’s likely the German automaker will call it something else.

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There have been rumors that a new Sport Classic model based on the latest-generation 911 is in the works, so it’s a possibility this is what spy photographers have caught testing. No matter the label, it’s likely a trimmed-down version of the GT3 that’s more focused on driving enjoyment, just like the 911 R was. Expect it to be available in limited quantities and it will definitely sell out like all other special edition Porsche models.

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