Watch a Nissan GT-R Hit 255 MPH in a Half-Mile


Packing 3,000 horsepower, this Nissan GT-R has set a new world record in the standing half-mile.

There’s no doubting the performance of the Nissan GT-R straight from the factory, but the aftermarket has really taken the platform to a whole new level. Extreme Turbo Systems’ modified GT-R has impressed on the drag strip, but now it has claimed the half-mile world record as well after hitting a vision blurring 255 mph. To put that into perspective, the previous world’s fastest Nissan GT-R reached 255.2 mph on a one-mile stretch, which means Extreme Turbo Systems’ GT-R did it in half the distance.

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The record-setting run was done at the Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack, which means those massive turbochargers under the hood also had to deal with the lack of oxygen brought on by the high altitudes. But as the driver explains in the video, the thinner atmosphere makes it easier for the GT-R to punch a whole through the air, reducing the aerodynamic drag. In a way, the equation balances itself out.

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