Top 5 Weirdest Reveals at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

Craig Cole
by Craig Cole

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From Anime to crazy vending machines, electronic toilets to white-glove-wearing taxi drivers, Japan may be the weirdest place on earth, at least to outsiders. Proving this point, there was no shortage of bizarre reveals at this year’s 2017 Tokyo Motor Show.

5. Mitsubishi e-Evolution

And we start this five-spot countdown with the Mitsubishi e-Evolution, a design study that’s sure to make car enthusiasts’ blood boil since, you know, it’s NOT super-sporty version of the Lancer. Instead, this concept is an all-electric, four-wheel-drive crossover… because we need another one of those. Besides that being strange, it also looks really weird as well.

4. Design Concept FD-SI

Along with some heavy trucks, Isuzu revealed a stylish new commercial vehicle concept in Tokyo. Sporting a honeycomb motif, its FD-SI is an unusually attractive transporter, looking like a delivery vehicle of the future. Inside, various controls are center-mounted for easy access by the driver. Obviously, with a body as boxy as this, the FD-SI would provide plenty of interior space if, you know, it was an actual vehicle.

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3. Toyota Concept-i Walk

OK, I think it’s high time for a non-car reveal. Check this out, the Toyota Concept-i Walk, a mobility device that takes up no more space than a pedestrian. Electrically powered, it’s designed to help the disabled or elderly get out and do more. But why does it look like a stick vacuum?

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2. Yamaha Cross Hub Concept

Next up, the Yamaha Cross Hub Concept, a mini pickup with a bed that’s just large enough to carry two motorcycles. Aside from a body that looks like it was shaped with a hatchet before being sanded smooth, this vehicle also features an unusual seating arrangement with the driver perched front and center and passengers on either side. Yamaha doesn’t build cars, but it sure seems like they want to.

1. Suzuki e-Survivor

Finally, one of the weirdest reveals at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show is found at the Suzuki booth. This brand’s e-Survivor concept is a tiny, all-electric off-roader with four-wheel drive. Naturally, it’s amped-up drivetrain is cutting edge, but there’s at least one part of this vehicle that’s totally old school; it’s built on a traditional ladder frame, just like a pickup truck.

And with those five vehicles, we’ve only scratched the surface of all the weirdness on display here at the Tokyo Motor Show. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough hours in a month to cover the rest.

Craig Cole
Craig Cole

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