Nissan's IMx Zero-Emission Concept Revealed at 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

Chidi Ohiaeri
by Chidi Ohiaeri

Nissan just debuted its IMx all-electric crossover concept and it features a fully autonomous driving system as well as a 600 km plus driving range.

This innovative concept is a sneak peek into Nissan’s upcoming Intelligent Mobility philosophy. This approach by Nissan will change how cars are powered, driven and integrated with society.

A future version of Nissan’s ProPILOT forms the core of the IMx’s technological interface. The ProPILOT mode offers fully autonomous operation allowing the occupants to relax and enjoy their commute. In this mode, the steering wheel stows inside the dashboard and the seats all recline. Manual driver mode returns the steering wheel and seats back to their original position.

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This concept adopts Nissan’s new EV platform allowing enhanced efficiency, a cavernous cabin with a flat floor and “impressive” driving dynamics. The powertrain, which consists of a pair of high-output electric motors mounted on each axle, makes 430 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. Driving range from the battery is more than 600 kilometers on a single charge.

The IMx concept features an interior design inspired by traditional Japanese house cues, with Nissan saying a sense of openness fills the cabin. A panoramic OLED instrument panel offers a view of the outside environment, while the diagonal patterns on the seat patterns and headrests follow a Japanese theme. The headrest with the kumiki (a Japanese interlocking wood puzzle) pattern is made from silicon-material cushioning and a frame produced by a 3D printer.

Additionally, an A.I system allows the driver to control the instrument panel with hand gestures and eye movements.

The IMx Zero-Emission concept can be previewed at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show and it signals a bold step forward for Nissan’s electric vehicle aspirations.

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