Jeremy Clarkson Gives the Bugatti Chiron a Go in Latest Grand Tour Trailer


In the latest trailer for The Grand Tour’s second season, available now on Amazon Prime, Jeremy Clarkson is seen getting some seat time with the Bugatti Chiron.

Staying true to the show’s name, Clarkson takes the Chiron on a true ‘grand tour’, driving it to a breakfast spot in St. Tropez, before taking it to go skiing in the Alps and driving it into Turin for a nice dinner. While Clarkson enjoys all this decadence, Hammond is stuck in the office as he recovers from his Rimac crash.

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The trailer also features some other nonsense from everyone’s favorite car-crazy trio, with a Vauxhall taking out some garbage bins, a BMW drifting through a roundabout and a Kia Stinger getting sideways through some twisty roads.

The episode will be available to watch on Amazon Prime starting this Friday.