MINI Takes Personalization to a New Level With 3D Printing

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu

MINI is the first automaker in the U.S. to offer customizable parts through procedures such as 3D printing.

The new service is called MINI Yours Customised and allows MINI customers to design personalized inlays for the side scuttles, trims for the passenger side in the interior, LED door sills, and LED door projectors. To make it easy for those wanting to personalize their vehicles even more, MINI has launched an Online Customiser specially developed for the new options.

To bring those products to life, MINI is using innovative procedures such as 3D printing and laser lettering for manufacturing. The company says the individually designed products can be delivered within just a few weeks and the parts can be installed by the customer or by the participating MINI dealer or service partner. Each part can also be uninstalled, allowing a customer to put their car back to factory if the vehicle is sold later on.

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When designing their own customized products, customers can select between different options and can even integrate their own texts and their signature into the design. All MINI Yours Customised products will be produced at production facilities in Germany, and uses 3D printers that have been precisely configured by the BMW Group through strategic partnerships with Hewlett-Packard Inc., Carbon Inc., and EOS GmbH.

Availability of the customized products depends on the model and pricing was not announced.

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  • Perry F. Bruns Perry F. Bruns on Dec 31, 2017

    Wait until Clarkson, May, & Hammond get hold of this. "Get ready...for the Eagle Hammerhead i-Thrust Superleggera!"