Ford Focus RS Finally Gets a Recall for Head Gasket Issue

Ford Focus RS Finally Gets a Recall for Head Gasket Issue

Ford  Focus RS owners are finally getting a fix after almost a year of complaints online.

According to a post on Reddit, the American automaker is recalling 2016-2017 Ford Focus RS hatchbacks with potentially faulty head gaskets, so they can be replaced free of charge. The affected vehicles in the recall were built from August 3, 2015 through July 6, 2017 and will include title branded and salvaged vehicles. The customer letter being sent out says “the cylinder head gasket may develop a coolant leak into the engine combustion chamber,” which may cause noticeable white smoke and/or low coolant without external leaks.

The recall is being conducted under Ford’s Customer Satisfaction Program and dealers will pressure test the cooling system and replace the cylinder head gasket. That means every vehicle involved in the recall will get a new head gasket, and those that fail the test results will receive a new cylinder head. All repairs will be done free of charge.

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Ford estimates the time needed for the repair is less than two days, but due to service scheduling requirements, the vehicle may have to be left for a longer period of time. The automaker is offering to pay the cost of up to four days for rental vehicles.

The Customer Satisfaction Program will be in effect until January 31, 2019 regardless of mileage, and coverage is automatically transferred to subsequent owners.

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