Ford Revives Mach 1 Name for Performance EV to Arrive in 2020

Sam McEachern
by Sam McEachern

Last night Ford debuted two exciting new products: the new Ranger pickup, and the revived Mustang Bullitt.

But there was one other important announcement to come from Ford this week. During the Ranger and Bullitt debut event, the automaker showed a video depicting an Explorer and a Mustang driving into the garage bay at its new Corktown EV research center in Detroit. Shortly after, the garage door opens and a streak of red light emerges from the garage and darts down Michigan Avenue. The words ‘Mach 1’ then flash across the screen.

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Ford says the revived Mach 1 will be an electric, high-performance crossover that should arrive by 2020. One of our staffers, Michael Accardi, reached out to Ford product communications boss Mike Levine on Twitter, who revealed the Mach 1 name is only being considered for the battery electric crossover and that they will listen to consumer reactions to the name before making a decision. Obviously, there’s many Mustang fans that aren’t too pleased with this turn of events.

We should learn more about the so-called Mach 1 in the coming months.

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Sam McEachern
Sam McEachern

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