Honda Ridgeline, Acura MDX, And Others Recalled For Engine Issues

honda ridgeline acura mdx and others recalled for engine issues

248,999 Honda and Acura models have been flagged for connecting rod bearing issues, according to a recall issued by the NHTSA on November 8th. The recall covers the Acura TLX (2015-2020), MDX (2016-2020), Honda Pilot (2016 and 2018-2019), Ridgeline (2017 and 2019), and the Honda Odyssey (2018-2019). The common thread here is the V6 engine used by these models.

At the heart of the recall are improper equipment settings used during crankshaft production, which can cause the V6’s connecting rod bearings to seize. It’s a pretty huge issue and one that can lead to engine failure. Other signs of this problem can include stalling, “abnormal engine noise,” stopping while driving, failure to start, or a check engine light, per the NHTSA’s recall notice.

The good news for owners of these vehicles is that Honda and Acura have already started to process warranty claims related to the issue. The report states that as of Nov. 3, 1,450 warranty claims have been processed by Honda. Thankfully, both brands report no injuries or deaths as a result of the failures at this time. However, it is strange that Acura has not reported any claims yet. It’s possible all claims are simply being processed through Honda, or that Acura engines have not yet begun to fail. Whatever the reason, dealers were notified starting in November, and owners will be notified starting January 2nd.

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  • Cheryl Cheryl on Nov 20, 2023

    Oh there have been plenty of Acuras that have had this problem. My 2017 TLX was one of them this past spring at only 31K miles. That's right, in 2023 it only had 31 K miles and it had a spun bearing. There are plenty of people that have reported this and many of us had to fight with Acura who tried to pass it off as improper maintenance. Everyone that I have pulled which is more than 150 people have all experienced the problem with the number five cylinder bearing with mileage varying from 30K to well over 150K. The problem can occur in any J35Y6 variant of the 3.5 L V6 and until Acura can narrow it down to a particular run of defective crankshafts, all J35Y6 engines should be considered likely defective.

  • Luigi Luigi on Nov 20, 2023

    I have a 2020 MDX. The steering wheel make a rusty noise when turn it with the car stop or parking the vehicle. I went to Radley Acura in VA and they just can’t find anything wrong, the technician make me feel like stupid claiming there is no noise. Then I went to Laurel Acura in MD and they took me to another 2020 MDX on their garage; same noise, “it’s a normal noise in that model” they said. I feel more stupid now for purchasing this car. That’s how Acura treat the clients and that’s how they cover their fails. I wrote Acura Corporation in the past and nothing happen, they open a case and then they closed it just like that, to say they did something.

    Now I have for a second time 3 alarm lights on, and they can’t give me a loaner and keep the car, it’s unbelievable! “It’s a couple hours fix” they say. A couple of hours for them, but for me is a lot more time and stress than that. Last time they change a sensor and it last only for a week or so.

    I am very disappointed with Acura and how they treated me. Tysons Honda made me feel like I drove a Mercedes when I had my Accord, this guys make me feel like I am driving in a cheap car and every time I show up they are doing me a favor. They call it manufacturer’s warranty sirs! Learn from Korean brands, you are way below Europeans service. And I had a Volvo, a Mercedes and a brand new BMW, fyi.