Jeremy Clarkson has a Bit of a Soft Spot for All Old Lancias

The latest episode of The Grand Tour features a great movie detailing the epic battle between Audi and Lancia for the 1983 World Rally Championship.

Nowadays, Italian automaker Lancia isn’t very well known, but there was a time when it manufactured the 037, a mid-engine sports car that helped the brand win the manufacturers’ world championship in 1983. But there’s a lot more to the story than just rear-wheel drive vs. all-wheel drive. As Clarkson details in The Grand Tour segment, the 1983 World Rally Championship was a battle of David vs. Goliath with Lancia pulling all sorts of tricks at the races.

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But before Clarkson goes into detail of that race season, he gets behind the wheel of a Lancia 037. And regardless of whether or not you’ve ever heard of the Lancia 037, it’s a great watch. Amazon Prime Video has shared a teaser clip of Clarkson testing the Lancia 037, but you’ll need a subscription to watch the entire episode.

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