Readers’ Pick: Starting Your Year Off Organized

Car lovers have been buying up these Vehicle OCD center console organizers by Salex since the start of the new year.

Salex Organizers has been here for Type A personalities since 2012 when they developed their first grid divider for the Toyota Tacoma’s center console. They expanded their line of Organized Console Devices to include other makes and models, then in 2016 added trays. These devices can work together, with the interlocking plastic grid dividers made for sorting items at the bottom of the console, and the tray offering quick access to items placed on top.

Built for specific vehicles, the OCDs are matched to a model’s center console perfectly for a tight fit; they don’t rattle around. All parts are manufactured in America. Made of black ABS plastic, the devices have a matte black finish and trays come with a removable textured rubber lining to prevent items from slipping.

Vehicle OCDs are available for a number of different makes and models including Ford and Ram trucks, the Honda Pilot and Ridgeline, Subaru Outback, as well as Chevy, GMC and Toyota vehicles. For a full list of compatible cars, visit Salex Organizers’ Amazon shop.

Salex Organizers Vehicle Organized Console Device, $9.99 to 24.99, Amazon

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