The Best Dash Cams for Canadian Drivers

The Best Dash Cams for Canadian Drivers

It seems that nearly one third of the automobile related videos online come from dash cams. They’re often disastrously entertaining, and most famous from countries outside our own.

Even still, these little cameras continue to see growing demand throughout North America. Dashboard cameras can be used to capture more than just bad driving. They’re great for avid content creators, reviewers and even taking viewers on extreme or exotic trips. There are dozens of options available to drivers online, and it can be hard to determine which to buy.

One of the most common questions around dashboard cameras, or dash cams, is their legality. In most places drivers are free to use these cameras openly. You might want to check with local privacy laws just to be sure. In fact, most law enforcement insurance agencies encourage the safe use of dash cams. Police often use video provided by the public, via their dash cams, to aid crash investigations. Many dash cams have LCD screens on the back, however, which can be subject to distracted driving laws. Privacy laws also require any audio recording, or rear facing cameras, to be disabled while passengers are in the car; unless you have their permission to record. Deleting or modifying video intended for use in an investigation has legal ramifications, too.

With dash cams, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Many cameras come equipped with batteries, allowing their owners to mount them without connecting power to their cars. There’s a problem with batteries, though, when mixed with heat. Cars which spend a lot of time in the heat should avoid dash cams with batteries or be sure to store them inside. TOGUARD 2” dash cam features a Sony sensor and a host of other essential functions; including no battery. It’s compact, and automatically starts and stops with your vehicle.

Having a dash cam doesn’t necessarily mean needing to clutter your windshield with devices. On the contrary, you want to avoid this. Many dash cams come equipped with some of the advanced features we’re used to coming from our portable GPS units.

GPS technology helps dash cams pinpoint the location of video activity. G-meters built in actually identify when a potential collision has occurred. Low light lenses help drivers capture low light activity. There’s even traffic and speed camera information. Garmin makes a portable GPS unit which includes an HD dash cam, combining both devices into a compact, clutter free device.

For added connectivity, look for a camera with WiFi. You can download footage directly from the camera via a mobile app instead of pulling the memory card. For the truly megapixel hungry, you can even get dash cams which record in full 4k video. Most of these dash cams won’t include a memory card. Recording high definition video requires cards which meet the UHC 1 standard. SanDisk is the industry leader, and their 32gb Extreme memory card is perfect for dash cam users.

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