Top 10 Most Instagrammed Automakers: 2018


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A recent study has revealed the top 10 most Instagrammed automakers on the popular social media platform.

Instead of looking at just which automakers have the most followers, OSV researched to see which automakers were the most mentioned in hashtags on Instagram. The findings may be surprising to some, especially if you’re assuming luxury and exotic automakers are the most popular on Instagram.

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10. Jeep

jeep instagram page

With over 10-million hashtags on Instagram (10,089,207), Jeep lands in 10th place. The automaker is gaining popularity in other markets outside North America and has 2.7-million followers on Instagram. Its most popular hashtagged car? No surprise here, it’s the Jeep Wrangler with 1,469,244.

9. Lamborghini

lamborghini instagram

Lamborghini exotics are likely a dream vehicle for many people, which explains why social media loves to look at them. With 12.7-million followers, Lamborghini had 10,440,567 hashtags and the Aventador is its most popular car with 452,340 hashtags.

8. Porsche

porsche instagram

Although Porsche has less followers than Lamborghini with 10.6 million, the German automaker saw more hashtags on Instagram. The sports car brand has a total of 11,406,591 hashtags, with the Porsche 911 unsurprisingly leading the way with 1,306,781.

7. Toyota

toyota instagram

Although Toyota USA’s Instagram profile only has one-million followers – the automaker has multiple for each market – the Japanese automaker is very popular when it comes to hashtags. A total of 12,599,465 helps Toyota secure seventh place, with the Tacoma being the most popular at 265,069.

6. Mercedes-Benz

mercedes instagram

With even more followers than Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz is a force to be reckoned with on Instagram. The German automaker has the most posts out of all the companies on the list, which might explain why it has 13.3-million followers. Its most popular hashtag is actually #mercedesamg at 1,404,099, with the brand showing up in 13,097,794 hashtags.

5. Ferrari

ferrari instagram

Ferrari, with 7.5-million followers, may not beat out Lamborghini when it comes to sheer number of followers, but the brand is mentioned more times on Instagram. Ferrari’s hashtag appears 13,178,895 times and the 599 leads the way with 1,338,639.

4. Audi

audi instagram

Audi has 11-million followers, which doesn’t beat out rival Mercedes-Benz, but it’s more Instagrammed with 13,276,453 hashtags. Perhaps a bit of a surprise, the #audiq7 is its most popular car, with 105,030 hashtags.

3. Ford

ford instagram

Ford is the only other American automaker on the list and even though it “only” has 3.4-million followers, Ford is Instagrammed quite a lot. The brand has 16,436,294 hashtags and the Mustang leads the way with 1,338,639.

2. Honda

honda instagram

Beating out all the Japanese automakers on Instagram is Honda. The brand only has 2.5-million followers on its official Instagram account, but its hashtag shows up 21,834,505 times. The Civic help leads the way with 373,982 hashtags.

1. BMW

bmw instagram

At the top of the list is BMW, with 15.5-million followers which is the most of any automaker in the top 10. The German automaker smashes the competition with 27,927,683 hashtags with the most popular car being the BMW M5 at 137,928.

[Source: OSV]