Top 10 Most Valuable Auto Brands: 2018

Top 10 Most Valuable Auto Brands: 2018

The annual Brand Finance Global 500 list has been released, showing us the top 10 most valuable auto brands of 2018.

Each year, Brand Finance puts thousands of the world’s biggest brands to the test, evaluating which are the strongest and most valuable. This year, automakers continue to perform well on the overall list, with most of the top 10 falling within the top 100 overall.

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Although this year Tesla was not in the top 10, it was the sixth-highest brand value change from 2017 to 2018, rising 106 percent to 308 overall. Last year, the American electric automaker wasn’t even in the top 500 of all brands. Here are the most valuable auto brands this year:

10. Chevrolet

2018 chevrolet camaro zl1

Chevrolet held steady in terms of overall ranking this year, staying at 116. Since the American automaker wasn’t in the top 100 overall, Brand Finance did not provide statistics on its brand value.

9. Audi

2018 audi a6

Audi, however, did rise from the 106th overall spot last year to 97, with a 19-percent increase in brand value to $14.951-billion USD. Last year, the German luxury automaker had a brand value of $12.546-billion. Its brand rating stayed the same at AAA-.

8. Ford

ford mustang bullitt

Ford saw a big drop compared to last year, ending in 83rd place overall in 2018 compared to 46th overall in 2017. Its brand value decreased by 23 percent to $17.294-billion, compared to last year’s value of $22.432-billion. Like Audi, Ford has a brand rating of AAA- this year, same as last.

7. Porsche

porsche 911 gt3 rs

Porsche rose quite a few ranks this year, from 107th overall in 2017 to 71st overall. This year, Porsche has a brand value of $19.055-billion, compared to last year’s $12.396-billion figure, marking a 54-percent increase. Its brand rating is AAA, which is also achieved last year.

6. Nissan

2018 nissan leaf

Nissan dropped a few spots this year to 68th overall, from 41st place in 2017’s rankings. The Japanese automaker saw its brand value decrease 22 percent to $19.376-billion from $24.768-billion. Its brand rating also dropped to AA+ from AAA-.

5. Honda

2018 honda accord sport

Honda stays relatively steady in this year’s ranking, though it did rise one spot to 52nd overall. The Japanese automaker saw its brand value rise four percent to $22.132-billion. Its brand rating stayed the same at AAA-.

4. Volkswagen

2019 volkswagen arteon

Volkswagen may have been fighting an uphill battle since its massive diesel scandal broke, but the German automaker is doing well in terms of brand value. It rose from 40th overall to 28th place this year, marking a 35-percent increase in brand value from $25.014-billion to $33.670-billion. Its brand rating stayed consistent at AAA.

3. BMW

bmw x4

This year, BMW dropped one spot overall to 17th place, despite its brand value increasing six percent from $39.335-billion to $41.790-billion. The German automaker also saw its brand rating get upgraded from AAA- to AAA.

2. Toyota

toyota gr racing supra concept

Last year, Toyota was the most valuable auto brand in the world but dropped to 16th overall from 12th overall. The Japanese automaker saw its brand value decrease six percent from $46.255-billion to $43.701-billion. Its brand rating didn’t change this year from AAA-.

1. Mercedes-Benz

four-door mercedes-amg gt

At least for this year, Mercedes-Benz is the most valuable auto brand, finishing 15th overall after rising five spots. The company saw a 24-percent increase in brand value from $35.544-billion to $43.930-billion. Its brand rating also stayed the same at AAA-.

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